Learn how to use The Tactical Mitt 

TTHP Basic Training

On this page we will walk through some of the  basics. If you have aditional questions please send us an email. We look forward to adding more videos and training to this website as well as our YouTube page

NOTE: ALWAYS practice safe protocols. 


ALWAYS Keep The Gun Pointed In A Safe Direction

ALWAYS Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Ready To Shoot

ALWAYS Keep The Gun Unloaded Until Ready To Use

Know your target and what is beyond

Know how to use the gun safely

Be sure the gun is safe to operate

Use only the correct ammunition for your gun

Wear eye and ear protection as appropriate

Never use alcohol, over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs before or while shooting OR while handling a firearm

Store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons.

Additional Safety Precautions

Please do not be negligent. ALWAYS follow the safety rules.